Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Antivirus malware detector and doctor Virus

Last night on a quick round up of things im selling on ebay, A quick glance on facebook I received A virus, possibly 2. The things were irritating more than anything as I tried standard procedure of removing them with my antivirus software but the virus stops and closes the antivirus software, Lovely

So I tried removing the programmes but the virus makes it so you need to buy a product key to uninstall. Lovely

If you come across this virus run your computer in safe mode, Then Right click on the shortcuts of the 2 virus programmes that have appeared on your desktop and open containing folder delete the contents then restart your computer then remove the programmes from the remove programmes list. You will have a message saying that it may have already been uninstalled. Continue. And gone. True lovely Stuff.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Money DOES help people become happier

A constant thing that irritates me is when I hear someone say "Money doesn't give happiness you know". This is usually after hearing about a millionaire of some sort. Well A newsflash, many things that make you unhappy currently are things that revolve around money. Struggling for money. Not having the money to do things you enjoy. And many many more.

However The thing that money would free up (If you had an abundance of it) is time. And time to sort out issues away from money and time to do things you enjoy is something that will make you happy.

So YES money does make you happy.

Or just instead of trying to be happy. Just be happy.

Monday, 21 February 2011

illness is not a healthy thing

I woke up this morning with a weird feeling in my throat and I sound like a completely different person. So much so my boss was worried when i answered the phone to him that I had someone else in the workplace.

Not to mention that flemmy horrible feeling in my throat.

And of course the typical question "Are you ok?"


Learning guitar and the positive effects

Over the past few months i have been learning to play the guitar utterly ending the thought that everyone had that i simply was not a player of music but just a listener.

Drums,keyboard and the triangle have been my failed attempts previously but this one i have picked up on quite quick.

It is possibly the most enjoyable thing in the world and can bring a smile to my face even when times are bad, just picking it up and playing a favourite song or attempting to make one of my own.

I would encourage anyone to learn an instrument, even if its a simple thing.

:D (Happy face)