Saturday, 2 October 2010


I have spent all morning trying to get my Dell streak fixed.

1st attempt a very long call to o2. They told me my claim to put the repair through them and use the insurance i Pay £10 a month for was rejected. I can appeal but it wont do much good.

2nd attempt A conversation withh DELL themselves. "I'm sorry sir but we dont offer a screen repair service at the moment" "So what do you propose i do buy a complete new handset" "yeah thats the only thing you can do"
 ‎3rd attempt. Found a site that claims to be able to repiar damaged dell streak screens. Lovely stuff. Hold on no because they wont answer their fricken phones. So E-mail sent and hopefully I wont be waiting to much longer to fork out £110 for a screen replacement.
I must point out that I decided on this phone over the iPhone because of its "Gorrilla" Glass Screen. Dell claim it able to take quite a significant amount of punishment. However one drop off the lap onto the floor from sofa hight (Carpeted  floor might i add) and bam the screen behind the front screen cracks. Great stuff. :/

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