Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Most businessmen are idiots & Its making me late

So work was going well, no calls, lots of work done and for lunch id had a king size pot noodle (the green one)

Then out of the blue *Ring ring* Oh dear I pick up the phone "Good afternoon campbell & co can I help you?"
 "Yes I was hoping you can my names thomas and i own a buildings company im looking for an accountant am i speaking to the director of the business?"
"No your not, If you hold the line i'll put you through"
"Ok bye"
 *Dial tone*

Then only 2 more calls all day one fairly routine and then on at 16:54 (I was left to lock up i finish work at 17:00)
"Good afternoon campbell & co can I help you?"
"is brian there?"
"No, could i ask whos speaking please and take a message and a number"
"Well actually you can probably help me"
"I need you to find an invoice from the books i gave to you yesterday its ***** from *********  (Cant state company names)
"Ok what is the invoice number?"
 "I dont know i need you to find that, in the last 2 months there should be an invoice for *****"
"Ok Can i take your number and i'll call you back when ive found it"
"Ok its ************ Thanks bye"

20 minutes later
*ring ring*
 "Hello its ***** from ********* Have you found it?"
"No not yet It doesnt seem to be here"
"Oh I think I never invoiced it"


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