Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Nerves and confidence

Today im off to birmingham. Im there in accordance to cooking for a lass.

Usually this situation would make me quite nervous. Reasons? Because im quite the "Nerdy" Charachter, however thanks to a radio show i listened to a while back these situations no longer become the nervous episodes they once was. Nerves or rather the feeling of being nervous is the same chemical reaction as confidence, so therefore as long as the mindset in place you have is that of there is no nervous situations just confident ones you have no reason to be nervous. But still i shall wish myself luck. Tonights dinner? Chicken nuggets. As requested by the lady in question. :D

Friday, 16 July 2010

The smiley faced man

Every day whilst on the way in and way home from work I pass a man who always seems to be smiling. He is not necessarily smiling at anyone or anything but still finds it necessary to smile.

I envy this man as there are certain times where i cannot smile at all. To be able to have such difiniteve happiness is a thing that everyone should long for. It almost proves the philosophy ive tried hard to live by when i first thought it which is "Instead of searching for happiness just be happy being" This man clearly is just happy to be being.

Sp thumbs up to the bloke i only know as the smiley faced man

Depression to progression

for a few weeks i had "Suffered" what seemed to be depression. Thanks to help from a dear friend of mine i managd to sort my head out. The problems that existed seemed to be entirely made by my own head. And now they are gone everything is moving forward.

I always used to clam up if i had a problem but i suggest to anyone who is like that to talk to somone, even if its just that one. It helps believe me.

Another friend of mine had fallen into depression just after i had sorted myself out. I was there for them to talk to and they came out feeling better.

Depression is a stop of progression so if your depressed focus on progressing and your depression shall cease

A cost cutting exercise

Today I have bought a product which is much the similar to pot noodle. Instead it is called noodle tub is half the price and has a less appealing cover. I am eating the noodles as i write this now. Not exactly as i pictured though as i found out why it is half the price. A pot noodles tub can withstand boiling water without perferating, this one however did not and i had to scramble for a bowl. They taste Quite nice though. better tasting than the pot noodle. However If i wanted noodles in a bowl i wouldve bought super noodles. Morrisons Get your act together