Friday, 9 April 2010

Social Networking

I remember about a 3 years ago social networking seemed pointless to me and I had no profiles whatsoever. I also used to listen to a radio show called "The night Before". The 3 presenters on that show were Nick Margerrison, Amy Jones and Alex Baker. All 3 of whom were on twitter. As the show was being cancelled I set up a profile to see what them presenters were doing away from my favourite radio show. In a short time i was tweeting once a week which turned into once a day. I turned into quite the twitterer. Until recently I chose not to induldge in Bebo, myspace, Facebook & others.

I then got conned by a friend to set up a facebook profile so that he could contact me in a cheaper way than texting. Now I am also a member of a website called My yearbook. I am now strapped down to 2 hours a day replying and updating on status'.

This has been brought to my attention from watching a new southpark episode about facebook.

I seriously suggest to anyone that hasn't got a Social networking profile to keep it that way and never to get sucked into the nonsense

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