Monday, 12 April 2010

The Love dilema

Well the last few days have been strange. And for some reason I feel terrible because of it. The weekend consisted of me doing my usual rounds to family members and friends. In addition to this however I have been texting a female associate. Nothing smutty just general chit chat. However through the last few break offs of the conversations I have received a reply saying "Love you xxx". How do you reply to that?

The first time I replied with a simple "ok" which I felt bad about putting. The reason I feel bad about this is because if this girl is genuinely serious about this "love you" business, how on earth do you respond? Should I lie and say "I love you to" of course I do not, i Hardly know the girl. however I also do not want to hurt anyones feelings.

I have been tempted just not to respond at all but for the reason I have already mentioned. It brings up an age old question which I still do not know the answer to. the question us this "Whats more important being nice or being honest?".

Its not as though I dislike this girl though as conversations up until that point are quite enjoyable.

Why oh why does love have to enter the frame....

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