Thursday, 8 April 2010

"Are you still enjoying work?" and other stupid questions

I am forever being asked by family members. "Hows work?" To which I usually reply "Its ok I guess" Wanting to end that line of conversation there. However Its usually followed up by something ridiculous like "Are you still enjoying it?" Arghh!!! I have never ENJOYED work. Nobody enjoys working. You do not go to work to enjoy yourself you go there to earn money which in turn can be used to help you enjoy things. I constantly get agitated by this one especially.

Another stupid question that gets my goat is the question most people ask when you have clearly had a haircut. "Have you had a Haircut?" F**K off. Of course i've had a haircut you Idiot. Now however I no longer get angry about this and follow up with a simple "No my hair just fell out, to perfect length and accuracy" Only once has someone been stupid enough to answer that with "Really?"

Picture this. It must not just be me. Your sitting on your sofa. Watching a television programme you like. Lets say QI for the purpose of the example. Then someone walks in and says "Do you like QI then?" What the hell. Of course I do thats why I am watching it you fool. Who in their right minds would sit watching tele but to a programme they do not like.

Perhaps its just me overreacting but it's irritating to say the least.

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