Thursday, 15 April 2010

Hello (and its counterparts)

Through my day to day life i have to say this has got to be the most used word along with its counterparts in the english language. Even total strangers will pass by and say "alright mate" "Hey up" and so on. Other times it is used as a formal or informal greeting for people who do know eachother. but why?

Would the world be able to work without greetings?

Monday, 12 April 2010

The Love dilema

Well the last few days have been strange. And for some reason I feel terrible because of it. The weekend consisted of me doing my usual rounds to family members and friends. In addition to this however I have been texting a female associate. Nothing smutty just general chit chat. However through the last few break offs of the conversations I have received a reply saying "Love you xxx". How do you reply to that?

The first time I replied with a simple "ok" which I felt bad about putting. The reason I feel bad about this is because if this girl is genuinely serious about this "love you" business, how on earth do you respond? Should I lie and say "I love you to" of course I do not, i Hardly know the girl. however I also do not want to hurt anyones feelings.

I have been tempted just not to respond at all but for the reason I have already mentioned. It brings up an age old question which I still do not know the answer to. the question us this "Whats more important being nice or being honest?".

Its not as though I dislike this girl though as conversations up until that point are quite enjoyable.

Why oh why does love have to enter the frame....

Friday, 9 April 2010

Social Networking

I remember about a 3 years ago social networking seemed pointless to me and I had no profiles whatsoever. I also used to listen to a radio show called "The night Before". The 3 presenters on that show were Nick Margerrison, Amy Jones and Alex Baker. All 3 of whom were on twitter. As the show was being cancelled I set up a profile to see what them presenters were doing away from my favourite radio show. In a short time i was tweeting once a week which turned into once a day. I turned into quite the twitterer. Until recently I chose not to induldge in Bebo, myspace, Facebook & others.

I then got conned by a friend to set up a facebook profile so that he could contact me in a cheaper way than texting. Now I am also a member of a website called My yearbook. I am now strapped down to 2 hours a day replying and updating on status'.

This has been brought to my attention from watching a new southpark episode about facebook.

I seriously suggest to anyone that hasn't got a Social networking profile to keep it that way and never to get sucked into the nonsense

Thursday, 8 April 2010

"Are you still enjoying work?" and other stupid questions

I am forever being asked by family members. "Hows work?" To which I usually reply "Its ok I guess" Wanting to end that line of conversation there. However Its usually followed up by something ridiculous like "Are you still enjoying it?" Arghh!!! I have never ENJOYED work. Nobody enjoys working. You do not go to work to enjoy yourself you go there to earn money which in turn can be used to help you enjoy things. I constantly get agitated by this one especially.

Another stupid question that gets my goat is the question most people ask when you have clearly had a haircut. "Have you had a Haircut?" F**K off. Of course i've had a haircut you Idiot. Now however I no longer get angry about this and follow up with a simple "No my hair just fell out, to perfect length and accuracy" Only once has someone been stupid enough to answer that with "Really?"

Picture this. It must not just be me. Your sitting on your sofa. Watching a television programme you like. Lets say QI for the purpose of the example. Then someone walks in and says "Do you like QI then?" What the hell. Of course I do thats why I am watching it you fool. Who in their right minds would sit watching tele but to a programme they do not like.

Perhaps its just me overreacting but it's irritating to say the least.


Although todays date does not feel as though it has any significance it is still a day that maybe could gain significance.

I have learnt a few lessons in the past 2 years. One being that religion is the most rediculous load of... well you get the idea.

I have had many an argument with people who believe that certain philosphies I choose to undertake is almost like a religion itself. I of course know this to be stupidity.

I am currently trying a philosophy I was told about by my cousin. "Throughout life people are trying to search for happiness whether through religion or the materialistic world, however once they reach any goal they have already set a new one to be happy. People should not search for happiness but rather be happy just being. This doesn't mean to say do not work hard or try an achieve things. It just means to be happy even before that goal is reached"