Wednesday, 30 January 2013

its been too long.

Its been a while since I updated my blog.

Probably because I haven\'t got much to rant about these days.

I would advise anyone who ever stumbles across this blog, not to allow themselves to feel weighed down by anything they encounter in life. The bad part of it is purely in your mind.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Traumatic death of a cat

After possibly the most traumatic experience of my life (my life hasnt been to traumatic) I felt angry, confused and upset. I came home to find my cat drenched. I thought she may have just fell in the pond so I grabbed a towel, dried her off, put the fire on to keep her warm and wrapped her in a blanket and sat with her thinking all was still well. About half an hour passed and thats when the fits started. For those reading this that haven\\\'t seen a cat go into a fit at all I truly hope you never have to. Seeing any other being in the pain my cat was in that night would have a serious effect on even the most sound of mind. The first fit wasn\\\'t to bad but gradually the fits got worse and more frequent over the next hour or 2. One of which the cat accidentally bit my index finger whilst trying to grab onto the blanket to ease her own pain I guess. Eventually I had to take her to the vets. After being sedated for a day and a half the cat died. The vet informed me the cause must have been poisening. Most likely the liquid that she was covered in but as it was odurless the only other liquid it could have been but water was antifreeze.

As this cat never seemed to venture outside my street I now have a horrible feeling that one of my neighbours had tried to drown my cat in antifreeze.

I can not start to understand a mind that would do such a thing. What could drive a person to do that?

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


After having my hours cut at work I have a plan. And a course of action. I wish to enter the weird world of radio, i plan on doing it in style. After considering ideas I know exactly what i want and im pretty sure on the whereabouts to. I am currently working on a demonstration/introduction. It will be posted soon enough. I hope everyones ready. :)

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thursday 24th May 2012 - The Begining

Waking up this morning had a strange vibe. Something hit me. After recently being told my hours were being cut so i was only working 4 days a week I have been considering a different career. One that interests me to almost a point of obsession is the radio industry. Now i\'ve done my research and it doesn\'t look like it will happen. There are availabilities for work experience placements there though. Problem with that i need an income to pay bills i cant get out of paying. My hope was renewed however when i realised that if i was only working 4 days a week that leaves 3 days and some spare evenings to work in a placement. So far my idea has had raised eyebrows. But with enough work its an investment. Right???

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Delayed delayed delayed.
"could i please have your attention, the next train is delayed by approximately 19 minutes........."

Now this would be fine occassionally but this has been happening for 2 weeks solid between rugeley and birmingham. I would like to know if other areas are experiencing the problem. Perhaps its time to hang up the gloves with public transport and force myself onto the road. Would have sorted it already but at a combined cost of at least £6000 in the first year and at least £5500 the next i simply cant afford it.

Sort yourself out london midland. I really dont have time.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Antivirus malware detector and doctor Virus

Last night on a quick round up of things im selling on ebay, A quick glance on facebook I received A virus, possibly 2. The things were irritating more than anything as I tried standard procedure of removing them with my antivirus software but the virus stops and closes the antivirus software, Lovely

So I tried removing the programmes but the virus makes it so you need to buy a product key to uninstall. Lovely

If you come across this virus run your computer in safe mode, Then Right click on the shortcuts of the 2 virus programmes that have appeared on your desktop and open containing folder delete the contents then restart your computer then remove the programmes from the remove programmes list. You will have a message saying that it may have already been uninstalled. Continue. And gone. True lovely Stuff.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Money DOES help people become happier

A constant thing that irritates me is when I hear someone say "Money doesn't give happiness you know". This is usually after hearing about a millionaire of some sort. Well A newsflash, many things that make you unhappy currently are things that revolve around money. Struggling for money. Not having the money to do things you enjoy. And many many more.

However The thing that money would free up (If you had an abundance of it) is time. And time to sort out issues away from money and time to do things you enjoy is something that will make you happy.

So YES money does make you happy.

Or just instead of trying to be happy. Just be happy.